What is Improv?


In a nutshell, we make things up. No scripts. No lyrics. Armed with just a list of what we call performance games, we solicit audience suggestions as a starting point and see where creativity takes us. We like to call it acting without a net.

Ever seen “Who’s Line is it, Anyway?,” either the original TV show with host Drew Carey or the current version with host Aiesha Taylor? THAT’S improv.

If you prefer a more formal definition, here you go!: “Improvisational Theater, often called improv, is a form of theater done in-the-moment. The actors ‘YES AND’ each other and work together, often with help from the audience, to develop situations and characters that speak to the human condition – in either humorous or serious vignettes. In all cases, improv actors seek to make their performance partners look good and take joy in failure, in that it celebrates the attempt.”