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Controlled Chaos

Improv Comedy

We the members of Controlled Chaos hope you are safe and well. Please continue to check our website for upcoming shows. Thank you for your continuous support!

Who are we?

Controlled Chaos Improv Comedy started in July 2012. We are the oldest improv troupe in the Capital District -- by average age of our cast members.

We have performed for audiences of 15 to 150 people. Places we've done shows include formal charity fundraisers, corporate functions, food co-ops, churches, coffee houses, Singles Outreach Services, Troy Night Out, the YMCA, the American Cancer Society HopeClub of the Capital Region, as well as senior centers and 55+ communities.

Controlled Chaos loves to “mix things up” by making each show unique in its selection of short-form improv games, including some we invented ourselves. Our objective is to make you laugh.


We pride ourselves on successfully encouraging audience participation. Our shows are totally voluntary. If you want to join in, that's great, and if not, that's great too!

When you get to be OUR age, you learn to go with the flow and just have fun. That’s what Controlled Chaos is all about.

What is improv?

In a nutshell, we make things up. No scripts. No lyrics. Armed with just a list of what we call
performance games, we solicit audience suggestions as a starting point and see where
creativity takes us. We like to call it acting without a net.

Ever seen “Who’s Line is it, Anyway?,” either the original TV show with host Drew Carey or the
current version with host Aiesha Taylor? THAT’S improv.

If you prefer a more formal definition, here you go!: "Improvisational Theater, often called
improv, is a form of theater done in-the-moment. The actors ‘YES AND’ each other and work
together, often with help from the audience, to develop situations and characters that speak to
the human condition – in either humorous or serious vignettes. In all cases, improv actors seek
to make their performance partners look good and take joy in failure, in that it celebrates the


Book us for your next event!

Controlled Chaos is available for performances, fundraisers, dinner shows, events and staff development. Please contact us by phone or email to book us or learn more about our group! 

Sharon - 518.986.1410

Tom - 518.320.6577

Thanks for submitting!

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