Meet Controlled Chaos



While in school Ken was an expert improvising excuses for not having homework assignments. Years later he took this talent to the stage and has been performing improv for ten years. He is also a comedy actor and has been featured in two off-Broadway hits at Proctors, “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding” and “Finigan’s Farewell.”



Judith is a veteran exotic entertainer who has previously performed under the names Jasmine and Jazz. In her improv performances, Judith gives and shows her all with language as salty as any sailor’s. Offstage, Judith is kind and caring, willing to give the shirt off her back to any man who asks.



Norm was an original member of the Chaos gang before running away from home. However, Norm doesn't have any verbal filters left in his brain, so he just says the first thing that comes into his mind – no matter what the situation. Needless to say, this has resulted in his getting banned from many local locations. After a few years out in the real world, he has come running back home and hasn't gone outside since.


Pierre, President

Who do we look to for improv with flair?

Whose talent and wit are beyond compare?
Who plays a puppet with such debonair?
Who graces the stage with confident air?
Who's comfortable playing a bear or a mare?
Whose savoir faire overcomes lack of hair?



I’ve been performing Improv for over 10 years and enjoy making an audience laugh  I’ve also acted on stage, background in movies for Lifetime Movie Network and HBO mini series. I’m retired and love doing and learning different things 



Sharon is a veteran performer. She toured as the original “Tattooed Lady” with Barnum & Bailey Circus. Also, she has starred for years in her home production of “Cats”. Never one to make a long story short, Sharon can be counted on to bring the Chaos.



Tom is average height, nearsighted, of Irish descent with blue eyes and grey hair. The blue eyes he has had since birth. The grey hair is a more recent phenomenon. The other members of Controlled Chaos took him in when he was wandering lost in an improv desert. For that, he is eternally grateful.